Space HarVee
Space HarVee Modeled.
This model is used when Player needs to harvest in a Zero G or Hostile environment with no gravity.
This HarVee is also only 1U tall, and can fit in smaller spaces.

New Door
New Door Modeled
This door is easier and (I Think) looks better.
Fits better on the Bridge as well.
Can be built with glass or Bulkhead Patterns

Modeled Spaceship Bridge Interior
Bridge Interior.
The view from the upper deck of the bridge, down into the command center.

Modeled Spaceship Bridge
Modeled Bridge Exterior.  This is the standard sized ship bridge that can be added to with Truss and turned into a fully fledged space ship for traveling the Galaxy (well, if you have fuel, or some oter way of getting things around.
This is starting to look cool!

Building Excursion Module
Modeled and textured the Excursion Module.
This model is used to transport players from Orbit to any asteroid or planet surface.
This module can also act as a "lifeboat" if your spaceship is destroyed.
It will also keep a player save from hostile environments while HarVee gathers resources.

New Web Design
After working through several website updates, we decided that we needed to do a complete update, and graphical re-design.
While this will be ongoing, this is the start of a major change. 

All Icons for the PTE (Periodic Table of the Elements) Added to Art panel, also Excavator, Rock Hammer, and Multi-Tool

Major Website Upate
Major update to the website. 
Changed design, Navigation and all other elements. 
Still need to add the new secure area and login,
as well as the private corporate area.

Movie Testing
Tested recording movies in both time-lapse mode
and straight novie mode. 
Needed to add SSD for faster recording. 
Great results.

Harvee Modeled
Harvee Mark1 modeled and textured, CamVee started.

Refinery and Foundry Updated - Animated textures
(ugh, need to be better, but we will revisit them later)

CryoTanks and TeleOp Tanks modeled and textured.

Art DevBlog added
Art DevBlog added to track progress