Mining Asteroids and Space HarVee
Asteroids are minable
Build utilities and other structures on asteroids
Save and reload changes to asteroid terrain
Dynamic ambient occlusion on asteroids
Low-G version of HarVee
New doors
Asteroid maps functional in multi-player mode
New Bugs/Issues:
-A few “non-resolving” cubes on aroid terrain
-Dynamic ambient occlusion needs more work
Asteroid maps are slow to generate, but fast to load.

Large Ships and Asteroids
Build Ships and Landing Pods
Landing Pod models can be dropped on Map
Save asteroids, and reload quickly
Bug Fixes:
-Solar panel and other model render errors fixed
Reload texture error fixed

Marching Cubes
Marching Cubes for giant asteroid terrain with LOD0
Multiple Background Skyboxes

Reduced light brightness
Bug Fixes:
-Active item glow rendered last
-Mined moonscape terrain no longer reappears on loading
Fixed problem with saving walls built in MP mode on moonscape terrain

Error Logs
Added error log to capture error info on crash

Day and Night
Day/night cycles at 30 minutes.
Can add up to 5 lights (custom shader) in mooncrater maps
Increased double click time for inventory screen.
Issues: some light "balance" problems between canned and custom GL shaders.  Possible to add cubes in locations that shouldn't be available.

Hi-Lights and other Fixes
Standardized highlight colors, green building or adding truss, yellow remove to inven, blue add plate, red destroy
Shift no longer gets stuck in slow mode
Crash when removing solar panels and toggle switches should be fixed.
Truss falls properly in the Borehole map
Active slot glow
Truss and Power truss item icons
Fixed position of number text in active inven
Ambient occlusion should update in MP when cubes or utils are removed
Ambient occlusion should show up when a saved moon map is loaded

Dynamic Ambient Occlusion
Updated dynamic ambient occlusion, but it is still very much a work in progress.
You can now add mooncrete and smoothcrete in Player Mode.

Video Capture Tools
F6 is camera tracker ON/OFF.  Continuously move in any direction, and can change direction.
F11 now cycles through time lapse: 1 shot/sec, 5, 6, 10 and OFF.

Multilevel start map (bunker)
U key now cycles through a range of lighting options
On moonscape terrain, HarVee's light shows smooth terrain, and is yellowish.
F5 removes the Crosshairs, active inventory, and status bar.
Start take message reduced to 0.5 seconds
Game frame rate set to 30 fps, but movie capture rate is every three game frames.

Excursion Module
Excursion Module
PDU power management
Animated Refinery/Foundry

Ion Drives
Ion Drives
HarVee Forearms and hands

RockHammer icon
BoreHoleStartv1 map
Huge Asteroid, Moonscape
New terrain shapes
Double-click speed lower
Red highlight for remove cube

Cryo Tanks, Tell-Op, Doors, Hud
Telop Control Interface tanks!
Doors and tanks animate on open/close.
Dynamic crosshairs.
HUD active inven and stats overlays.
Perlin noise terrain for bore holes.
Smooth bore holes.
F9 takes a screenshot.
F10 starts/stops in-game movie.
Arrow up/down changes speed in design mode.

CTRL-Z undoes last cube drop in design mode.
Double click sends inventory item to active inven.
Mousewheel scrolls through active inven.
Right click drops one or picks up half a stack.
Player and HarVee mode can jump 1 m.
Smooth bore hole walls.
Light panels are spotlights.

Programming DevBlog added
Programming DevBlog Added to track our progress.