Hadron's Forge - Arcane Logic's First Title Announced
The team at Arcane Logic has announced their first title - Hadron's Forge. 

Hadron’s Forge is a first-person sci-fi role playing game set in a dynamic, procedurally generated universe.  You can choose to engage in a chapter based storyline, or strike out on your own.  Gain knowledge and skills as you progress through a rich tech-tree.  Virtually everything in the game is "craftable".  Fill a periodic table inventory as you mine ore and refine it down to its constituent elements.  Forge parts and items from pure metals, alloys, glass, carbon composites, advanced nanostructures and other materials.  Build a base on an asteroid, moon or planet using truss, plates and “utilities.” 

Self-described as a hybrid between Minecraft and Portal, Hadron's Forge takes open universe and crafting games to new heights.

Engineers in Exile
Arcane Logic was founded by two ex-aerospace guys who liked to discuss the latest game titles over cheap sushi during lunch breaks.  Drawing inspiration from their engineering day-jobs, or maybe it was the wasabi, they began dreaming up new space exploration games.

“If we can’t have meaningful progress in space exploration in our life time, why don’t we simulate it?” said Michael Beerman, Aerospace Engineer and Lead Programmer at Arcane Logic.

After years of work on NASA programs, they decided it was time to shift gears from "real life progress in space development"; and, instead, focused on simulating progress via space-based construction, resource harvesting and exploration games.  With real world experience in space craft design, engineering visualization and materials science, they set out to create a unique, realistic, open-universe, first-person, role-playing, space adventure game.

“If our game inspires just one kid to pursue a career in engineering, then it’s worth it.” remarked John Savage, Chief Nerf Herder and Art Director.

Maybe that kid will make meaningful contributions to real-life progress in space exploration.