Arcane Logic Inc  ©  2006 - 2013
Founded by two aerospace guys who spent lunch breaks eating cheap sushi and
discussing the latest game titles. Eventually the conversation shifted towards creating
unique new games that they would love to play.
Frustrated by the lack of real progress in human space exploration, they began
dreaming up games that simulated progress via virtual space-based resource
gathering, construction and exploration. 
Inspired by games like Minecraft and Portal, movies like Tron and novels like Ready
Player One, and with real world experience in space craft design, engineering
visualization and materials science, they set out to create a unique, realistic, open-
universe, first-person, role-playing, space adventure game. 
Eventually they left their full-time aerospace day jobs, picked up part-time work to pay
the bills, and focused on game development. Today they are proud to announce their
first title:
"Arcane Logic was founded to create new worlds in open universe gaming."
“We hope you enjoying playing it as much as we do!”
Hadron's Forge "Excursion Module, or EM