Knowledge and Tech Tree - Player knowledge consists of several disciplines such as Mining, Building, Electronics, Navigation, Chemistry.  As
Mining Knowledge increases, mining speed and efficiency improve (efficiency is the amount of ore gained per mining operation).  And the Tech Tree
allows you to decide where to focus your areas of study, as everything you learn effects what you can do and build.
Robotics - The most common robot type is a “HarVee,” or harvesting vehicle.  HarVees are the workhorses of space and surface operations, and are used for mining/harvesting ore, collecting other resources, and manufacturing a base of operations on asteroids, moons or planets.  Other robot units exist, such as CamVees for planet and asteroid scouting, and MilVees, which are militarized versions of HarVee, with enhanced offensive and defensive capabilities.
Utilities, Machines and Item Crafting -  Utilities are structures or machines that
may be assembled by the player anywhere in the game world, as long as the
player has the required blueprint, raw materials and knowledge.  Simple utilities
include doors and storage lockers.  A power distribution unit, or PDU, is effectively
a large battery, which provides power for other utilities.  A refinery requires power
and is used to separate raw ore into its constituent elements; and a foundry is
used to forge the elements into stock parts like plates, bars and wire.  Blueprints
for utilities may be purchased from vendors, but they can also be invented as the
player gains knowledge.
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Hadron’s Forge is a first-person sci-fi role playing game set in a dynamic, procedurally generated
universe.   You can choose to engage in a chapter based storyline, or strike out on your own.  Gain
knowledge and skills as you progress through a rich tech-tree.  Virtually everything in the game is
“craftable.”  Fill a periodic table inventory as you mine ore and refine it down to its constituent
elements.  Forge parts and items from pure metals, alloys, glass, carbon composites, advanced
nanostructures and other materials.  Build a base on an asteroid, moon or planet using truss, plates
and “utilities.”